Graded Exercise Test

The graded exercise test, also known as stress test or treadmill test is used to determine how well your heart works during exercise.  This test is used to determine if coronary artery disease is present.  It is also used to determine any exercise induced irregular heart beat.   If you have been placed on certain heart medications, it will also show your doctor how your medication is working to control your heart rate, irregular heart beat or improve your heart function.  It will also determine your exercise capacity (the amount of exercise you are able to do).  Your heart rate and heart rhythm, blood pressure and heart tracing also known as electrocardiogram are monitored just before, during and after the stress test.  The test usually takes less than 30 minutes. You should have nothing heavy to eat within 4 hours of the stress test, however a small snack is fine and recommended.  You need to be adequately hydrated for the stress test.  You should have at least 16 ounces of fluid within 4 hours of your test.  You should wear comfortable clothes and closed toed tennis shoes for your stress test. There is no recovery time required.  The results of the test are immediately available once you complete the test.

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